08 Jun 2014

"Dave Cohen gives great notes" Sam Bain, co-creator Peep Show, Fresh Meat, Babylon 


Have you been thinking “ah lockdown. Finally, the chance to sit down and create that sitcom I’ve been threatening to write for ages”?

Then beating yourself up that for the last five weeks you’ve got nowhere?

Creating is difficult at the best of times, and this is not the best of times.

Everyone is going through some version of a life-changing moment, and if people are berating you for failing to do that thing you always wanted to do that’s their problem, not yours.

However, this MIGHT be a way to break through the guilt, pressure and procrastination.

We're going to write the first draft of a sitcom in EIGHT WEEKS

 Whether you’re starting out and wondering where the muse will come from, or a professional writer hoping to keep in shape while the meetings have stopped, this could be a way to defeat the creative torpor.

Every week you send me the work you’ve done. Every week I get back to you with thoughts and notes about how best to continue.

First, a few caveats:

You might not finish it.. But you’ll have experienced writing to a deadline, and if you want to be a professional writer that’s a vital skill to learn.

You might finish it and never wish to show it to anyone again… Okay, but you’ve proved to yourself that you can write a sitcom episode in a reasonable time-frame. Your next one will be easier and should be better.

You might think it’s quite good, but not good enough… That’s okay, you’ll already be having ideas about how to improve it.

You might think it’s brilliant… You’ll still need to rewrite it. Nobody’s first draft is ever that good.


When are we starting? NOW

WEEK ZERO Monday 11 May I’ll send you details of how we’re going to operate every week.

WEEKS 1 - 8 Monday 18 May – Wednesday 1 July  You will build your episode from nothing into a first draft script. At the end of week 8 we’ll discuss ideas for what you should do next with your script.



Interested? £150. Early bird sign up before 31 July 2020 for just £120 Early bird. Places strictly limited so BE QUICK. davecohen58@googlemail.com


I’m stunned at the depth of your notes and the speed at which you return them. Your feedback is always fair and when I read your notes each week, I find myself nodding in agreement. I’d recommend the course to anyone wanting to write a sitcom from scratch, whether or not they have writing experience.  Basically, signing up to this course has been the best decision I’ve made all lockdown! Eleanor Hayward
The notes are great, and it has given me a lot to think about.  The blogs are easy to understand, even though some of the ideas are quite complex.  I would definitely recommend it  Jacqueline Davies
I've loved the course so far. I'm finding the specific notes on homework extremely helpful, and that they're in addition to the general notes and general instructions is really good. You're a supportive teacher and in my experience at least half of this writing game is confidence and you encourage us to push on.  Fiona Faith Ross