08 Jun 2014

Here are a few websites I like...

  • I occasionally write articles for this comedy news website
  • A phenomenally huge resource. Anything you want to know about current comedy production – radio, TV, online, whatever, can be found here
  • Where I try out nearly all of my new shows and show ideas
  • Real insights on comedy writing from the master - former M*A*S*H, Cheers, and Frasier writer (and loads more). Very funny too, as you would expect.
  • My union. Everyone needs a union.
  • My other union. Two is possibly excessive.
  • Another excellent blog that looks at the world from a different perspective. 
  • I find this website very useful for starting conversations with shopkeepers.
  • The brilliant men who put music to my words and make them sound like proper songs
  • James Cary's blog on everything you need to know about sitcom writing.