19 May 2014

In 2013 I writed a book...

How To Be Averagely Successful At Comedy

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How To Be Averagely Successful In Comedy (from The Big Green Bookshop)


"a gag-packed insight into the inner workings of the comedy world... Go out and bloody well buy the whole book" Bruce Dessau Beyond The Joke 

"An engrossing, entertaining read...there are precious few books... explaining exactly what it's like and what it takes to do the job. Step forward Dave Cohen...not just a book for potential performers, but also for those who have an interest in how comedy is put together and the personalities of those who do it. Yet the book is also full of useful advice won from sometimes hard personal experience...Cohen writes in a natural, easy style, conveying plenty insight and information as he succinctly tells things as they are – at least in his well-judged opinion. And as an averagely successful comedian, that’s an opinion worth hearing."  Steve Bennett, Chortle

"seek out a copy, take it into a quiet corner and devour it." James Cary, Sitcom Geek

My Articles on chortle.co.uk

This is me anecdoting on about the good old days of stand-up comedy on Chortle’s website:

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